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Brazilian Amethyst Cathedral

Brazilian Amethyst Cathedral

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Experience the majestic beauty of our breathtaking Amethyst Cathedral, sourced directly from Brazil. This awe-inspiring geological wonder stands as a testament to the raw magnificence of Earth's treasures.

Each cathedral showcases the unparalleled beauty of amethyst crystals, with hues ranging from delicate lavender to deep violet. As the light dances through its crystalline structure, the Amethyst Cathedral casts a mesmerizing glow, infusing your home with an aura of tranquility and spiritual harmony. Whether displayed as a focal point in your living room, meditation space, or office, it serves as a captivating reminder of nature's wonders.

At a weight of 9.62 kilograms, this spectacular specimen commands attention and admiration in any space. Rest assured, this is a unique piece, and you will receive the exact specimen shown in the pictures, ensuring that you'll have a one-of-a-kind treasure to cherish. 

Width 6.7 in.
Length 9.5 in.
Height 7.2 in
Weight 21.2 lbs.

 You will receive exact piece shown in pictures.

Made in Brazil


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  • Natural, Hand Crafted Items

    We use 100% natural stones, each piece will be beautifully unique thanks to the natural variation of the stones. All pieces are inspected to ensure only the highest quality for your home.

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    We strive for you to fall in love with every piece, however if you are not 100% satisfied with your order we accept return and exchanges within 14 days of delivery date.